Arrival in Germany

If you plan to arrive Germany via Berlin Airport (BER) first, please note that you can only reach Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ) with a stopover. If you arrive via Frankfurt Airport (FRA) or Munich Airport (MUC), you can reach Leipzig non-stop.
Of course, there are also well-frequented train connections to Leipzig from all these airports.

Traveling within Leipzig

When you arrive the Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ), look for the tram stations at the main terminal. Here take tram Responsive image5“ for „Leipzig Markt” (duration: approx. 20 minutes). From here, it’s a walking distance of 750m to the Radisson Blu Hotel. You walk the “Grimmaische Straße” towards the “Augustusplatz”, see the map below.

Responsive image

When you arrive by train at the Leipzig main station ("Leipzig Hauptbahnhof"), you can use the tram S-bahn 7,8,10,11,15 or 16 and travel only one station further to “Leipzig Augustusplatz”, which is only 100m in front of the hotel. Apart from that you may walk the whole distance (800m) between the Leipzig main station and the hotel.

To plan your trip within Germany by public transport you can use the website of "Deutsche Bahn": https://www.bahn.com/en